InfoMus Lab

Concert "Hyper-DJSet"

Centro Culturale Candiani, 
Mestre (Venezia), Italy, June 14, 2002


The event was organized in the framework of the SOHO atelier (held at Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre (Venezia) on June 10-21 2002, organizer Davide Rocchesso) which collected people from several projects working together and sharing ideas for two whole weeks.

Two DJs (1210 Jazz and Mika Snikars - Stockholm) improvised using standard and hyper turntables. Live electronics was set by J. Bowers and S.O. Hellstrom (KTH - Stockholm). The InfoMus Lab provided movement analysis techniques applied on the DJs' hands to generate in real-time interactive video.

A color videocamera in an EyesWeb setup was used for movement analysis (extraction of expressive cues from hand movement, e.g., Quantity of Motion). Motion cues were used for generation of visual media: projections on a large screen of processed images of hands and abstract shapes whose colors and appearance depended on the extracted motion cues.