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The 2nd International Workshop on Social Behavior in Music, Genova, Italy, May 27, 2011

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The SBM Workshop is hosted by the Intetain 2011 International Conference. The Workshop is scheduled on May the 27th.
  • 1:45-2:15 Registration
  • 2:15-3:15 Key Note 
  • "Social Signal Processing: understanding nonverbal communication in social interactions"
     Alessandro Vinciarelli

  • 3:15-3.40 "Towards a dynamic approach to the study of emotions expressed by music"
  • K. Torres-Eliard, C. Labbé, and D. Grandjean

  • 3:35-4:05 "Mutual Engagement in Social Music Making" 
  • N. Bryan-Kinns

  • 4.05-4.35 Coffee Break

  • 4:35-5:00 "Measuring ensemble synchrony through violin performance parameters: a preliminary progress report"
  • P. Papiotis, M. Marchini, E. Maestre, and A. Perez

  • 5:00-5:25 "Communication in orchestra playing as measured with Granger Causality"
  • A. D'Ausilio, L. Badino, Y. Li, S.Takay, L. Craighero, R. Canto, Y. Aloimonos, L. Fadiga

  • 5.25 Discussion

Key Note "Social Signal Processing: understanding nonverbal communication in social interactions"  by Alessandro Vinciarelli

There is more than words in linguistic communication. Whenever involved in social interactions, people display a wide number of nonverbal behavioural cues  (facial expressions, vocalisations, gestures, postures, etc.) that add entirely new layers of meaning to the words being uttered. Social Signal Processing is the new, emerging domain aimed at conceptual modelling, automatic analysis and machine synthesis of nonverbal cues used as social signals, i.e. signals conveying information about social actions, social relations, social emotions and social attitudes. The goal of this talk is to illustrate the general aspects of the domain, present some examples of SSP works, and show how SSP can be helpful to make computers more adapt an robust to realistic socio-cultural phenomena.

Alessandro Vinciarelli

Alessandro Vinciarelli is lecturer at the University of Glasgow and Senior Researcher of the Idiap Research Institute. His main research interest is Social Signal Processing, the new domain aimed at bringing social intelligence in computers. A.Vinciarelli is coordinator of the FP7 Network of Excellence SSPNet (www.sspnet.eu), and is, or has been, Principal Investigator of several national and iternational projects. He has authored and co-authored more than 50 publications, including one book and 18 journal papers. Alessandro has organized a large number of international workshops, he is co-chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on SSP and he is Associate Editor of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine for the social sciences. A. Vinciarelli is founder of a knowledge management company (Klewel) recognized with several national and international prizes (www.klewel.com)

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